How to Increase treatment acceptance with Dental Illustration app

Recently, numerous studies have appeared on treatment acceptance, primarily because it has become a significant issue that affects the entire healthcare field, starting with disease prevention on one side, and treatment outcomes on the other side. There is a notion of universal treatment acceptance, but it must be determined in each particular case, in every department of a hospital or private practice. Studies has shown that how eager patients are willing to accept any kind of contacts with medical personnel, depends a lot on the level of trust and healthcare education. Of course there are factors like medical assurance vs. expenses, or ease to access medical care in a particular region, but the stronger the understanding of how important illness prevention and treatment is, the higher the chances of people taking responsible decisions upon their health will be. Besides correct diagnosis, treatment and follow-ups, doctors also play a decisive part in patient education.

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Considering how advanced medical science has become, even in developed countries, the level of low outcomes is quite alarming. An important factor is that people tend to come to the doctor after the pain becomes unbearable. It is very important that doctors step in and help increase treatment acceptance, by educating their patients and addressing their level of trust. Of course medical and especially dental practices “decorate” their walls with specialized charts and try to provide informative booklets for patients in the waiting areas, but how usefully and eye-catching can all this be, considering that the web became the main source of information?

Tacking in consideration all this factors, professional and modern clinics are switching their attention towards specialized mobile applications. Dental Illustration was specially designed to help dental practices solve this kind of problems. By encouraging your patients to download this app, you can gently direct them to an adequate and professional source of information, rather than letting them freely surf the “mighty doctor Google”. Dental Illustration provides a large database of information organized in different levels of complexity, and logically divided by topics. You can place a printed QR code in a visible area for patients download the application and access for free high definition, informative images of oral cavity, dental structure, three-dimensional illustration of every tooth, it’s nerves and vascularity. Patients will also see the correct steps of an effective oral hygiene, and easily explain them to their children.

So give your patients a professional and accessible source of information, while they wait for their appointment, so when already seated by the doctor’s desk they can better explain what concerns them. The more information the human brain has – the easier it will be to acknowledge the problem, understand the diagnosis, treatment, or surgical steps if necessary. Tooth aches are painful, having somebodies hands in your oral cavity feels uncomfortable, not to mention the drilling, the scrubbing, the injections and also the smell and the sound of it in your mouth. The thought of all that pain and discomfort can induce a state of fear and anxiety to the level that can make anyone take the decision to flee, rather than go through. Dental Illustrations is strictly professional, with no scary images of bleeding teeth and pus abscesses. It has an informative role, to help patients understands dental abnormalities and oral infections at different stages of complexities and in this way build acceptance of what’s happening, and how the situation can evolve depending on the decision they make. So with this app you have this step almost covered, by the time the patient gets to the chair. Further, it is doctor’s role to consolidate this information, turning it to knowledge.

Having Dental Illustration installed on your TV, you can access the needed illustration on a wide screen, in front of your patient, and point where their issue is and how it looks like. In the anatomy section of the app, doctors will find 3D illustrations of regular anatomy of every tooth or how a normal dental structure and a healthy gum looks like, and then compare it with most appropriate to patient’s condition image from the therapy section. This will help easily explain how much of the healthy tissue was affected. There are images of different stages and types of caries, periodontitis, tooth abrasion, fissures, demineralization and many others. Imagine how simple and fast Dental Illustration makes it for the medical specialist to explain to the patient the diagnosis. When the person in pain feels that the doctor is ready to go on an extra mile to get him out of the dark area, by showing and explaining in simple words difficult conditions and processes, he will be more likely to develop trust towards him as a specialist, but also recognize his own responsibility towards his health.

Screenshot from app: dental chart univerasl-numbering-system

Dental Illustrations also provides video tutorials (Android version) on different procedures such as ultrasonic cleaning and carries removal, or dental implantation and prosthetics, so after the doctor point the patient to the right video, it becomes less scary, more predictable, and it plays a key role assuring the patient that whatever his condition is, it is treatable with the right approach and timing.
Dental Illustrations will help your doctors give an accessible explanation to any complicated subject regarding dental condition, ease the anxiety before accepting the treatment and make the vulnerable stage of being in pain and not knowing what to do, less stressful.

Dental Illustration can be downloaded for free, directly from Play Market, on any Android or Apple device, so there is no need to add charges to your patient’ bill, it also doesn’t require special maintenance, as it will be further completed and upgraded.